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Travian Hack

What is Travian?

Travian is online strategy game that became very popular in few last years. It have more then ten million players from all

around world. You start playing this game as a leader of small village. There are three tribes in this game: Romans,Gauls

and Teutons. Each tribe has their own advantages and weakness. Teutons are known for strong attack,and they are best

for active players. Romans are great builders,and they have very strong defense while Gauls have best cavalry and they

are best for beginners. In this game you build your village and buildings,you make your own army and attack other players.

You can also sign up peace agreement or even alliance. One of the most significant things in Travian are Resources.

What are Resources?

When you build village and army you use Resources. There is two ways to get them. One is by upgrading resource fields

and other is pillage other players. For the second way it is best to use Teutons, because they are best for attacks and they

have cheapest units in the game. They are four types of Resources in Travian: Wood,clay,iron and crop. It is very hard to

get resources in this strategy game. That's why we want to show you Travian Hack!

Travian Cheat

What is Travian Hack?

Travian Hack is brand new hacking tool that will make your life a lot easier. With this hack you can add unlimited gold

and resources to your account. You need to make sure that you are logged in to your account first,and then just write

how many gold and resources you want. This hack will do everything else. Also don't add to much resources to your account,

because it will look suspiciously. You can add resources every day,and you can use then without any problems. Don't you

ever wonder why top players have much more points then you? That is probably because they use bots or because they find

out for this Travian hack. It is wrong to cheat in multiplayer online games,but if other people,including me are

using this Travian Hack , then why shouldn't you?

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